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Nokia N8 Camera Phone Shoot

Recently I photographed a Nokia campaign almost entirely on a camera phone. Nokia’s new N8 features a 12 megapixel high resolution chip and Carl Zeiss optics, as well as HD video capabilities, and is marketed towards young women.

Street casting real people as models allowed us to achieve the realism and spontaneity required, and I must say not lugging around tens of kilos of equipment added to the relaxed and uninhibited nature of the project.


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American Express for Ogilvy

A selection of  photographs shot for Amex’s latest image bank.

Hard to believe that we shot this last December, at 5 am in the morning and in the middle of a snow blizzard!


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Rebecca and Duke

I just shot a set of portraits of equestrian expert Rebecca Holland for the English Heritage magazine. It was shot at Audley End House and Gardens, an amazing location in Essex.

It was fantastic sunny weather and I had the rare luxury of spending most of the day with Rebecca and her horse Duke, a beautiful ex-army stalion who enjoyed the shoot but was more interested in taking bites out of Rebecca’s tweed jacket.


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Dar El Salaam Portraits

A group of volunteers in Dar El Salaam give their time to help street children enrich their lives in various ways – including theatre skills + productions, learning creative activities and trips to places.

Igor spent time with the volunteers + children shooting reportage of their achievements, a day to the beach and portraits for the organisation.

The images were also used for the street children to be able to see themselves in a positive way plus they had the opportunity to use the camera, learn and have fun shooting themselves.

Here’s a shot from a beach football kickabout and portraits shot in the heat of the day.


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Ingenious Entrepreneurs

The idea behind these portraits is about entrepreneurs. I thought it was amazing how despite the poverty + with very little, people in Tanzania are very ingenious in the way they set up businesses, often using nature as their shop front, like the hat maker using the tree as his display. They don’t have any access to electricity so when the sun goes down that is the time to close shop!

I saw lots of guys cycling around with huge loads behind their seats. We stopped on the side of the road and I stopped this man, he had no bicycle seat and his clothes were falling apart. He was delivering coal to a neighbouring village. As we spoke something rang in his pocket, he pulled out a mobile phone and proceeded to chat, a new order for more coal. It’s incredible how mobile phone technology has revolutionised even the most remote parts of Africa.

To see more images, take a look at the project gallery here.


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Argos Behind the Scenes

Here’s a behind the scenes shot from a recent shoot I did for Argos. To see the final images, click here.


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Age Concern

A few months back Igor photographed for Age Concern. Take a look at a small part of the holiday promotional material that came out of that shoot.


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New Life Folio

We’ve just revamped our “Life” folio, which features more inspirational lifestyle imagery. It’s available for download on our website by clicking here, as well as the “Work” folio and other pdfs on various themes accessed here. Below is a preview of a few pages. If you’d like to take a look at the book, give us a call on (0)20 7575 3333.


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An African Adventure

Igor spent several weeks over the holidays travelling through Tanzania and Zanzibar. He photographed landscapes, portraits, and even a wild-life safari. Here’s a preview of a couple of the images from this project, more to come soon.


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Portrait of a Painter

Igor spent the week-end in the depths of Sussex and shot this evocative portrait of the painter Ken Allen in his quiet, day lit studio on a very English autumnal day.


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